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A medieval village Which is worth the detour!

One of France’s most scenic villages

Between the Vercors and Provence regions, overlooking the Rhone Valley and the Ardèche mountains, the fortified village of Mirmande rises proudly over the hillsides.Nestled behind the ramparts, along the labyrinthine streets, the houses have retained their handsome stone facades and old doors. After the decline of the silk worm farms at the end of the 19th century, it was the orchards of Mirmande which sustained the village and made its reputation, attracting a number of high-profile visitors; the painter André Lhote lived there and Haroun Tazieff was mayor from 1979 to 1989.
A wealth of tourist attractions, sports, and cultural activities…
From Mirmande, you can sample the many pleasures which the Drôme and Ardèche regions have to offer: from taking a dip in the Drôme river to the adventure down the majestic Gorges de l'Ardèche, from hiking across the wild plateaus of the nearby Vercors region to discovering the extraordinary Caverne du Pont d'Arc, a UNESCO world heritage site… without forgetting musical events, theatrical performances and exhibitions at the many regional festivals (Châteaux de Grignan, Suze-la Rousse, Adhémar).

Mirmande in the light of painter André Lhote

The cubist painter André Lhote was already drawn to the landscapes of the Drôme, but when he saw Mirmande it was love at first sight. He described it as "an enormous pyramid-shaped village, lost to memory and destined to certain death." La Capitelle became his workshop, his painting school and a refuge for other artists.

The resurgence of the village started with André Lhote. Born in Bordeaux, he was initially a wood sculptor before joining the cubist movement and setting up his school in Rue d'Odessa in Paris where William Klein would later study. His paintings are now displayed in the world’s leading museums.

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